The Stars

When the creator finished creating Mother Earth, it came time to create the sky, stars, and universe. But the creator began to grow weary. About this time, the wolf came looking to help. Longing for some rest, the creator gave the bag of stars to the wolf, for him to place in constellations. Then along came the wolf’s mischievous brother coyote. Coyote asked to help, but the wolf wouldn’t let him, since he knew the coyote would do something wrong. Finally, the  wolf grew tired, so he gave the bag to the coyote to hold while he rested. He instructed the  coyote not to open the bag, just to hold onto it. The coyote was doing a good job, until his curiosity finally got the best of him, and he opened the bag just a little bit, so he could peak inside. But when he opened the bag, all the stars flew out and scattered through the sky. This is why today, when we look at the sky, we see the few constellations that the wolf set out, but most of the stars are scattered around. The wolf was very angry at his brother. As his punishment, the  wolf forced his brother to look at the sky every morning and cry over the mistake he made.