The Skunk and the Raccoon

The skunk and the raccoon did not always look like they do now. They used to be very good  friends. One day the skunk came to the raccoon’s house and suggested they go fishing, the  raccoon agreed, so the two went to the shore of the lake, where they kindled a fire and began  fishing. The raccoon was much more adept at fishing than the skunk, and soon began building up  a pile of fish, while the skunk had barely caught any. The raccoon could see that the skunk was frustrated, and suggested they stop. But the skunk insisted they keep fishing, since he was determined to catch more fish. So they fished a while longer, with the raccoon continuing to be  successful, and the skunk still barely catching anything. Eventually they did stop, with the skunk  very angry at his lack of fish. The raccoon suggested the skunk clean the fish while the raccoon  gather more firewood. The skunk, in his anger, began throwing the fish around violently in the  raccoon’s absence. He continued mistreating the fish, even when the raccoon returned. The  raccoon tried to calm the skunk down, but the skunk, in his anger, hit him in the face. In defense, the raccoon pushed the skunk away and he fell into the fire. This is why to this day, the skunk  has a white burn mark on his back, and the raccoon has his black eyes.