The North Star

Long ago, the people of the sky were so restless that they made trails in the sky from all of their movement. But one star does not travel. The North Star is stuck in place. Long ago, when he was on earth, he was known as Na­gah, the mountain sheep. His father, Shinoh, was so proud of him that he put large earrings on the sides of his son’s head to make him look dignified and  important. Na­gah spent every day climbing every mountain he could find, but one day, he came to a tall mountain he had never climbed before.

Na­gah knew his father would be proud to see his son on top of such a tall peak, so he began circling around and around the mountain, searching for a trail to the top. He circled all the way around the mountain, but found nothing but sheer cliffs. Na­gah had never come across a mountain he could not climb. He was determined to get to the top, for he knew his father would be ashamed if there was a mountain his son could not climb.

Finally, Na­gah found a crack in the rock, he went into it, and soon found himself climbing up inside a dark hole. Rocks kept slipping from underneath him, and crashing into the darkness below. He soon decided to turn back, because the dark hole was scaring him, but when he turned to go back, he found that all the fallen rocks had blocked off the cave below him.

Forced to keep moving upwards, Na­gah soon saw light and became very excited. When he reached the top, there was hardly room for him to turn around. There was no way for him to get down, the outside walls were all steep cliffs, and the cave inside was blocked by rocks. Na­gah knew he must remain on the peak until he died, but he was happy he had made the summit of the highest peak in  the land. When Shinoh found his son stuck on top of the mountain, he felt very sorrowful, for his son could no longer roam and climb freely.

Determined not to let Na­gah die alone on top of the mountain, Shinoh decided to turn his brave son into a star, so that he could shine over everyone  and be a guide for all things on Earth and in the sky. And so Na­gah became a star that everyone could see. He always stays in the same spot, completely motionless.

Directions are set by his star, and travelers can always find their way by looking up at him. The big dipper and the little dipper are other mountain sheep, they have seen the big mountain, and are constantly circling it, trying to find the trail that leads to Na­gah, who will always remain on top, the North Star.