Ocean Grandmother

One day Ocean Grandmother came out west to the home of wolf and his younger brother, coyote. She was carrying a heavy sack, the opening of which was securely tied. Ocean Grandmother then set down her heavy load and told the two brothers that they should carry the sack eastward to  rabbit’s country. Wolf said to his brother, “Go ahead, carry this sack to rabbit. He will tell you  what to do with it, so make sure you do not open it until you see him.”

With great difficulty, coyote set off toward the east with the sack, growing ever more curious about its contents. “Maybe it is just sand or dirt, and Ocean Grandmother is playing a joke on us.” He felt the sack to see if he could find out what it held, sometimes thinking it was full of snakes or perhaps lizards. Soon Coyote’s great curiosity overcame his fear of Wolf’s anger. He untied the sack. Immediately, throngs of people began streaming out of the sack, shouting and  running away in all directions. Rabbit arrived and said, “Coyote, you fool, why have you done this? This is not where people should live!” There were still a few people left inside the sack. Rabbit took these people to the center of the world, on the north side of the Grand Canyon by the Colorado River. There were plenty of things to eat there, for example, deer, pinion nuts, and agave. The people from the sack liked their new home and decided to stay there. This is how the Paiute came to be living in the center of the world.